Which club will be AFL Premiers this year? Let the Games Begin!

The Footy (AFL) begins tonight. NRL has already started. The A-League and Cricket are about to finish. There are some fantastic games of Basketball, Netball, Tennis not to mention the games of Baseball and Gridiron that we watch where advertising is a major part . How will your team go?    Will they win their game and by how much? This is the time where we see lots of different games and  see lots of advertising around the grounds. Are you a sponsor or potential sponsor missing out on advertising at a game? We have completed sponsor signs for tennis clubs, cricket clubs, football clubs, Auskick and even netball goal post padding. Do you need signage made to advertise your company? Why not look at getting a vehicle wrap or vehicle signage completed to take your advertising to the next level. Are you a new company moving into the area? The Team @ Signforce can help you with all your fascias, window signage and other signage that is required – maybe in reception area, running down the beam outside as well or even the advertising post out the front. With our quality products and expert knowledge, the Team @ Signforce can cater for all you needs. There are so many clubs of different types and at different levels – get yourself noticed at the games. Become a sponsor for you local club and see the expert team @ Signforce to create your signage. The team @ Signforce [...]

Are you interested in all aspects of racing?

Racing involves many interested parties whether it is Formula-1, V8 Super Cars, sprint cars, motor bikes or yachting, boating, sailing or harness racing, horse racing, greyhound racing to quad bikes, bicycles and go karts….just to name a few. There are the competitors, the owners, the sponsors and the interested public – very interested public when there are grid girls involved. The Grand Prix has hit town!!!   The roar of the cars as they race around the track, the excitement of the crowd whether it is practice rounds or the race itself and then there is those who are only interested in the celebrities racing.

The multiple skills of being a sign writer

These days a signwriter is still called exactly that but we have come a long way from were where it all started. Digital capabilities have been introduced which has taken the hand skills away from the once skillful art. Check out this video link below which shows you a quick 2:30 minute video with interviews from real signwriters showing and talking about the skill and the trade. It also shows you the lack of skill, design and flare that some signs seem to have these days because any tom, dick and harry buys a printer and calls them self a sign writer. Hope you enjoy this video =)

How to remove vehicle signage?

The most common question we are asked is: How to remove vehicle signage? Ideally, it should be left to the experts so come and see us @ Signforce and the super talented, friendly team will be able to help you out. Other than that, if you really want to have a go yourself then here are some tips to remove vinyl signage: 1. Heat the surface. Using a heat gun (preferably), or a hair dryer – heat the graphics you wish to remove. This allows the graphics to become softer and will allow the adhesive to release easier. This is especially important with older graphics as they become brittle over time. 2. Removing the Vinyl:  Begin peeling vinyl with a plastic scraper blade or a vehicle graphic remover with a rubber wheel.  Starting at an edge, use your blade to lift up an edge that you can then pull back gently with your fingers. Reasonably new vinyl will be easier than older vinyl.

Vehicle graphic installation time lapse video

This weeks blog is to show you how we install vehicle graphics to a car in a short time lapse video. From the beginning to final outcome. Its a perfect way to show you, our potential client how we can transform your boring, same as everyone else’s vehicle into the complete, stand out marketing tool you should be using in your business! Image your car and how many KLM you do in it and the potential business your missing. Not to mention the pride that comes with driving your car having your business displayed to the public. Take a look below and be wowed into coming and seeing the crew at Signforce and we can transform your car into the complete marketing tool just like this Harcourts car which features in our time lapse video. Check it out below! Pretty cool hey?… props to our apprentice Mark for creating this cool video.

How can my business get the best exposure?

How can my business get the best exposure? A lot of clients tend to ask me how can my business be seen more? In an increasingly crowded visual landscape, the need to be seen is important, it’s what people see that say’s a lot about who you are. The services we offer for a business like vehicle signage, shop fronts, A frames, digital printing, eye catching logo designs and even business cards are all part and parcel to establishing a solid corporate image that all works together. This is a great answer to this question… but once you have all this in motion you tend to get bored and possibly want more! You think, how else can I be seen? Website, facebook, twitter??? They are all just as important to a business and have opened up new networks for businesses to contact, see and share… Well here is another answer to this question. I have found, through a client of Signforce, a new way to advertise and its very effective! Take note how many people turn and look at the product in this video. This could be the exposure your business needs and the answer your looking for. This amazing product really catches the eye of anybody who sees it. Due to its uncanny and unique way, the unit follows the individual, tracking its every move… Click the video to see how many people turn and look.