The most common question we are asked is: How to remove vehicle signage?

Ideally, it should be left to the experts so come and see us @ Signforce and the super talented, friendly team will be able to help you out.

Other than that, if you really want to have a go yourself then here are some tips to remove vinyl signage:

1. Heat the surface. Using a heat gun (preferably), or a hair dryer – heat the graphics you wish to remove. This allows the graphics to become softer and will allow the adhesive to release easier. This is especially important with older graphics as they become brittle over time.

2. Removing the Vinyl:  Begin peeling vinyl with a plastic scraper blade or a vehicle graphic remover with a rubber wheel.  Starting at an edge, use your blade to lift up an edge that you can then pull back gently with your fingers. Reasonably new vinyl will be easier than older vinyl.